‘Stars In The Making’

at St Marys College, Hull 2021

 video of the show will be available from the 14th August 2021
and the stage photographs
taken at the dress 
rehearsal in 2020.


DVD Sabatino Stars In The Making 21 copy.jpg

"Stars in the making" DVD

A DVD of the show filmed July 2021

£15.00 each

photography from the dress rehearsal

Photography  produced at the dress rehearsal of ‘Stars In The Making’ at St Marys College.

The pictures will be of the groups of children performing live on stage from the dress rehearsal in 2020.

Only digital files are available to purchase.

You will be purchasing the copyright of the image to use how you wish eg. print or social media.

Please add the image time code from the video of the picture you would like to the order and if possible a screen shot.


Screenshot_20210802-105133_Chrome (1).jpg
Screenshot_20210802-105133_Chrome (1).jpg


Digital Photographs costs

The digital files are Hi-resolution, full colour, retouched 300dpi images.


1 picture file £8.00

3 picture files £21.00

5 picture files £25

10 picture files £40.00


Discounted Packages

Discounted packages available until Sept 30th 2021


  1. DVD plus 1 Digital image £20.00 

  2. DVD plus 5 Digital image £32.00 

  3. DVD plus 10 Digital image £50.00

To Order

You can only order directly from here

Please order here stating the time codes for images, and DVD's required.

Make payments to Mr Paul Taylor

Ac 87692686

Sc 55-81-23

Use the name of the person sending the order and the image code as a reference please.

DVD's will be available to pick up from the Academy

from 21st September  2021

Images will be sent to the email you supply within 48hrs of payment completion.

Thank you



Thank you, we have recieved your order.

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